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Pressing is a regular chore that is done in homes every day. Steam Press for hanging clothes is a tool that every household must have to fulfill their pressing needs.

These steam presses can press the clothes in the vertical position and don’t need a table top. They are relatively easy to use and significantly reduce the time required for pressing clothes.

You can either have the Best Steam Press for home use with different heat settings according to the fabric or a single heat setting for all fabrics. The latter option is slightly risky as it can, if not used properly, destroy the clothes.

Types of Steam Press

When it comes to types, there are three different types of Steam Press. They are differentiated by how they can be used for pressing. The Best Stem Press depends on the nature of use and your requirements of pressing. The three types are:

  1. Hand-Held
  2. Table Top movable
  3. Immovable table top

Hand Held

A hand-held steam press is the one used to press clothes and other fabric in hanging position. These steam press are very lightweight and travel-friendly.

They have tanks for water and can give continuous jets of steam for a longer period to fulfill the purpose. They have longer cords so that they can be easily moved for your needs.

Table Top Movable

These are heavier weighted steam press, used to press all kinds of fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, silk, etc. These presses can be moved on a hard board to fulfill the pressing needs. They have different heat settings based on the nature of the fabric.

Immovable Table Top

These Iron presses have a lid, and the fabric can be placed inside to fulfill the pressing needs. They are the heaviest weighted and not much portable.

Since not much movement is required therefore their cords are not very long. These presses can easily provide continuous jets of steam for 15 to 20 minutes time periods and can take care of the most stubborn wrinkles.

How To Choose The Best Steam Press For Home Use?

For different tools, there are different criteria that should be taken into consideration while buying them. When it comes to choosing best steam press for home use, five specific criteria need to be considered which are as follows:


Mostly steam press that are not expensive ones offer three different heat settings, i.e., high, medium and low whereas the steam press which is expensive ones have heat settings based on different types of fabric.

Ideally, there should be different heat settings on the steam press by the type of fabric, and it should also have an automatic turn off the feature.

For example, if the press is kept in horizontal or vertical position for a longer period, then it should turn off to prevent any incident of fire in case you had forgotten to turn it off.

Production of Steam

Steam production is the main reason to use a steam press because this steam is very useful in removing wrinkles. The press should have an adjustable steam flow so that it can be controlled based on the toughness of the wrinkles.

The water filling should be easier along with the spray nozzle option to control the spray of water. Moreover, there should also be a no steam option.

The steam can also be used for the self-cleaning of the press. A condense burst of steam clears up the soleplate and remove all the clogs.

If the press has an option of producing steam, if held in vertical position, then the same press can also be used for pressing hanging clothes.

Soleplate Surface Type

The steam press can either have non-stick sole plates or the stainless-steel ones. The choice depends on your budget and how much you are willing to take care of the steam iron.

When the soleplates are properly cleaned and taken care off, their efficiency increases and the output is well.


The Steam Press can either be cordless or with a cord. The cordless iron has a separate heating base which is plugged into the socket. The heat retention is approximately for 5 minutes in a cordless steam press. This iron is easier to use since it can be moved freely.

Irons with cords are generally more expensive than the cordless ones since the heat flow in them is constant. In corded press, the wires have a reversible or pivoting cord for easier operation and access for left-handed and right-handed operators.


The weight of the press depends on what you are using it for. If you use it frequently and want to cover a larger pressing area, then a heavier press should be your choice. For light pressing and irregular session, you can choose a lightweight press.

12 Best Steam Press Review

Our team has formulated a list of twelve steam press after a thorough review, research and evaluation of many different products.

This list will help you in choosing the best steam press, based on your usage and requirements.

It will make the decision-making process easier and you can customize it based on your cord, steam flow, and weight requirements.

1. Steamfast Digital Steam Press with Multiple Fabric Settings 

This press has a quick heat up time for the water, inside a 10-ounce tank, which is 3 minutes and has heat settings for types of fabric such as linen, cotton, wool, nylon, and silk.

The steaming surface is large for covering the maximum surface area. The soleplate is non-stick surface. The different accessories included are spray bottle, measuring cup and pressing cushion.


  • Light Weight
  • Easy to use


  • Easily Breakable Water Chamber
  • Leaks oil

2. SINGER | Magic Steam Press ESP-2

This steam press is portable and relatively easy to carry around. An audible shut off alarm along with the auto shut off option is included in it.

The pressing surface is larger as compared to a conventional press. This gives you an edge if you want to press curtains, table clothes, etc. The accessories included are measuring cup, Pressing cushion and spray bottle.


  • Large pressing area
  • Portable


  • Heavy
  • Leaks a greasy material 

3. Compact Ironing Steam Press

The press is light weight and has the dual option, i.e., it can be used either as a dry press or a steam press. It is relatively easy to setup, and the controls are very much user-friendly.

The temperature control is defined for different fabrics with a large pressing area. The accessories included with the press are measuring cup, pressing cushion and a spray bottle.


  • Light weight
  • Removes stubborn wrinkles


  • Not portable

4. Ironing Press With Integrated Sleeveboard

This is a versatile press with easier operating mechanisms and many different automatic features. The pressing surface is fairly large to easily cater to large fabrics.

The heat up time for the press is fairly quick, and it contains a fully padded heat reflective cover to take care of delicate fabrics.

There is a large digital touch screen to choose various settings of the press. Along with being so user-friendly, it is creating a good name for itself in the market.


  • Light weight
  • Portable


  • Low Quality
  • Medium Model Takes longer time to heat up

5. Steamfast Steam Press with Multiple Fabric Settings

The press has a 10-ounce water tank that can be easily filled and heats up in 3 minutes. There are multiple settings for different types of fabrics such as silk, nylon, wool, linen, and cotton.

It has an auto shut off option where the press automatically turns off if left idle for a longer period.

It has a non-stick soleplate with a large surface area to cater to your pressing needs. The accessories included are pressing cushion, measuring cup and spray bottle.


  • Light Weight
  • Portable
  • Efficient


  • Longer heat up time
  • Low quantity of steam

6. Advanced Ironing Press By Speed Press

This press weighs a whopping 35 pounds and has a large surface area to fulfill your pressing needs. It makes pressing the larger sheets of clothes and other items fairly easy.

The press has an auto turn off feature with an audible alert alarm. The heat up time is fairly fast, and it has a clear digital LED display. The accessories included are spray bottle, measuring cup, pressing cushion and an extra cover and foam.


  • Quick heating
  • Portable


  • Heavy
  • Small water tank

7. Sienna Expresso SSP-1990 Steam Press

The press is safe with linen, silk, wool cotton and nylon since there are different heat settings depending on the fabric.

The temperature selection control is manual with non-stick soleplate having large surface area. The accessories included are pressing cushion, spray bottle and a water fill cup.


  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • Low quality

8. Best Handheld Portable Steamer and Iron for Clothes

This is a versatile press which is lightweight and highly portable. Since this one is a hand-held press, therefore, it can be easily carried around while traveling.

Simply fill up the tank, adjust the press to your desired temperature based on your fabric, adjust your garment, press the button and start pressing.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Strong Steam Pressure


  • Short Power Cord
  • Low-quality plastic

9. Ricoma Clothes Fabric Steam Press

This press will press your clothes in halftime as compared to a conventional press. It has an auto turn off option which will turn it off if it’s left up or down for 10 seconds. It is very much useful in removing the toughest of wrinkles.


  • Economical
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Compact


  • Small Surface area
  • Doesn’t open enough

10. Shark Press and Refresh Portable Steamer

This is a portable steamer for garments and very useful in completely erasing the wrinkles. The steaming is instant, continuous and powerful and it can be turned into a vertical ironing board due to its vertical press Pad.


  • Light Weight
  • Portable


  • Not producing enough steam

11. Sunbeam Handheld Travel Steam Press

This press can heat up in 45 seconds and give a continuous stream of steam for 15 straight minutes. It can refresh all types of fabrics such as drapery and linen and can remove odor and kill dust mites.

Its compact, stable design allows it to stand easily on a flat surface.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use indoors
  • Small size
  • Portable


  • Limited usage

12. Beautural Portable Home and Travel Steamers

This steam press contains a large 8.79-ounce water tank that can heat up the press in 35 seconds and give continuous steam for 14 minutes.

It has an auto shut off options that can be beneficial for your fabric.  The accessories include lint brush, measuring cup, fabric brush and a classy handheld garment steamer.


  • Easy to use
  • Large Capacity Tank
  • Portable


  • Floor model is bulky


Having an easy to use, portable and efficient steam press is a very good option and a must-have for your regular pressing needs.

The best steam press for shirts can be really useful in pressing different types of fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk, wool, etc.

The hand-held ones can be easily carried around while traveling. The list above can help you choose the home steam press for clothes depending on the heating, cord, soleplates, and weight based on your needs.

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