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A rice cooker is the best kitchen tool you can get for your home or if you own a restaurant as well because best commercial rice cooker can instantly cook rice for a lot of people in a matter of a minute.

All latest models are made up of modern technology and are perfect to handle your rice as well as additional flavors to your dish.

Rice cookers are also coming with new features every day to compete in the new era with other cooking tools, so not only will you be able to choose from them according to your requirements, but they will also serve you the best purpose.

Mostly these products are used for commercial purposes in hotels, restaurants, small cooking businesses, etc. So, if you are wondering which one to purchase, then don’t worry because we got you!

Continue reading and find out everything you need to know about rice cookers:

Buyer’s Guide

There are so many rice cookers in the market that come in various shapes and sizes; some of them have pressure cooking technology and many adjustable modes as well.

These rice cookers can be really cheap as well, so don’t go on their prices and simply look into the other features which a rice cooker should have in order to be productive.

Here are the factors you need to consider before purchasing a high quality and long-lasting rice cooker:


If you don’t want a messy and overfilling cooker, then go for the one which suits your needs best. Look into the size of the cooker according to the amount of rice that will be cooked at one time.

As rice cookers need water and rice both in them to boil and perform a function, and if they will be overly filled, then they can boil and stumble over.

Measure the capacity and range of the rice cooker and don’t buy a very large unit because even if you own a restaurant, you might need a medium-sized rice cooker to cook a certain amount of them at a time.

Type of Rice Cooker

There are so many types of rice cookers out there that you would want to get all but stay put and get the one that you require the most.

There are the ones with on/off sensors that, when you put the rice inside them and turn them on; they will turn off and indicate that the rice is done.

You will not have to check the rice in between or wait for any light to pop up, so that is an easy way to cook rice.

Another type is a rice cooker, which comes with an electronic cook and warm feature, which helps your rice to cook and then keep warm for the whole day without any hassle, but this type of rice cooker is a highly expensive one and can break your pocket.

So think about your needs and then get yourself one of these explained above.

Texture Setting

The best rice cookers come with a special quality that no other rice cookers possess, and that is the texture setting. It allows you to choose a specific texture for your rice, such as regular, soft, firm, or sticky.

This depends on the user and their taste, but it also depends on your mood, and if you are making pan Asian cuisine, then you would definitely want sticky boiled rice, and if you are just having a regular meal, then regular boiled rice will work fine.

So also look for this feature in your rice cooker to avail of a more enhanced product.

Top 10 Commercial Rice Cooker Reviews

Now that we are done with the factors to consider about rice cookers, we can get on with the review of the top 10 products of all time that are readily available for you to purchase.

These rice cookers are humongous, and you will be informed about all of their respective details, such as the product description and pros-cons dutifully.

This way, you can choose the product you want and desire for your kitchen, whether for commercial or normal day to day usage.

1. Aroma Housewares Commercial Rice Cooker

This 60 cup commercial rice cooker will save you a whole lot of time and energy with a simple function. You will have to simply add the rice and water in the cooker and switch it on by pressing the button.

You won’t have to check it and see if it’s cooked or not, and it will indicate to you by turning itself on with an automated sensor and save you a lot of time.

This cooker’s capacity is quite generous, and you can put up to 60 cups of rice at a time in it, and it will cook it instantly without much hard work!

In fact, its durable and heavy-duty stainless steel lid and the pot is designed for continuous use, and you can count on it for flawlessly textured rice.

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  • Time-saving
  • It cooks a lot of rice
  • Self-automated sensor
  • Heavy-duty


  • It doesn’t keep rice warm
  • Hard to clean

2. Cuckoo Commercial Rice Cooker

Cuckoo commercial rice cookers can cook up to 30 cups of rice at a time and come with an electric warmer to keep your rice warm for a certain period of time.

The 3032 comes with an industrial design that utilizes steam cooking function and allows you to cook delicious rice at a larger capacity.

The 3032 comes with a 5.4 L 10 cups PTFE pre-coated rice pot, detachable cover, stainless top cover, dew dish, and a thermal fuse to protect the cooker from overheating.

This rice cooker also offers safety insurance because it is ETL certified and NSF certified, so you don’t need to worry about its durability and anything.

Just make sure that you don’t overfill it and use it with care, and voila, you are good to go!

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  • Good cooking capacity
  • Pre-coated rice pot
  • It is protected from overheating
  • ETL certified


  • Slightly expensive

3. Aroma Housewares Commercial Rice Cookers

With this commercial rice cooker, you will have a rice cooking capacity of up to 60 cups and top commercial standards.

The ARC-1024 and ARC-1033E both are part of the commercial rice cooker line, allowing for restaurant-quality rice to be prepared on a commercial level.

You will be getting more fluffy rice without sacrificing the quality of the rice, whether you are cooking 10 cups of rice or 60.

This rice cooker comes in the largest size having the ability to cook a good quantity at once and cut the usual cooking time.

These products are enhanced, enriched, and make life a lot easier for the users providing a convenient and innovative experience for all the buyers.

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  • Good cooking capacity
  • Top commercial standards
  • Good texture
  • Enhanced version


  • Not durable enough
  • Fragile

4. Zojirushi Commercial Rice Cooker

The Zojirushi commercial rice cooker is a more compact cooker and can cook up to 20 cups of rice in one go.

Meaning that 40 people can be served with rice at a time, and this way, you will not have to cook your rice again and again if there are too many guests at your home or if you have customers at the restaurant as well.

It is not that compact even as it is large enough for catering or commercial usage, and has a stainless steel exterior. It has a special quality mode that helps keep the rice warm and maintains the perfect serving temperature.

The lid of the cooker is detachable and washable so you won’t face any trouble while cleaning the cooker and guess what?

The rice cooker will come with its rice spatula in the package so you can use it for taking out the rice to serve.

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  • Compact design
  • Good cooking capacity
  • Wide applications
  • Washable lid


  • Not durable enough

5. Panasonic Commercial Rice Cookers

If you are looking for the product in which you can place all your trust in? Then this is your go-to.

The Panasonic rice cookers are amazing and include all types of accessories needed for your rice to cook well, including; measuring cup, rice scoop, and rice cooking spatula.

It has the capacity to cook 5-23 cups of uncooked rice, which is ideal for families and restaurants as well if you look into commercial usage.

Has simple functionality, you will have just to put the rice in the cooker with some water and close the lid, then press the on button and your rice will be cooked automatically.

It will turn off after the rice are completely cooked so you won’t have to check-in between as well, what a bomb product, right? So get yourself this rice cooker now!

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  • Trustworthy brand
  • Come with accessories
  • Easily cleanable
  • Good cooking capacity


  • None

6. Proctor Silex Commercial Rice Cooker

This large capacity proctor silex commercial rice cooker and warmer allows the user to make up to 60 cups of cooked rice in one batch.

Not only for rice, but it can also be used to cook grits, oatmeal, porridge, and even macaroni and cheese. It’s insulated double-wall construction, and a heated lid ensures even cooking every time.

Just add rice, water, push down the switch on, and walk away. Your rice will be ready when the machine is switched off by itself and then comes on to warm mode to keep the rice warm enough till served.

Cleaning the cooker is also very easy as the nonstick inner cooking pot is removable and has a nonstick interior as well.

You will achieve consistent results regardless of the operator, as the clear, visible water line markings assist with accurate liquid measurement.

This rice cooker has also been tested and approved to meet the standards of safety by ETL sanitation.

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  • Easily washable
  • Good cooking capacity
  • Automated sensor
  • Warmer mode
  • Nonstick pot


  • Not durable enough

7. Hamilton Beach Commercial Rice Cookers

Hamilton beach commercial rice cookers come with extra-large capacity, and the operator allows you to cook 90 cups of cooked rice in one batch! Isn’t that crazy?

Well, it is and not only for rice but also helps prepares grits, oatmeal, porridge, macaroni, and cheese as well. It also comes with an insulated double-wall construction and heated lid to ensure even cooking every single time.

The mechanism is quite simple and easy to follow because there is an automated sensor in this cooker, so when the switch turns off, then it will mean that the rice is ready to serve.

There is a heat function that maintains the correct temperature to help prevent a boil over, which is highly convenient.

Anyhow this commercial rice cooker is for everyone and offers wide applications as well any restaurant, hotel, or small business owners would love to get this rice cooker, so get yours now!

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  • ETL certified
  • Extra cooking capacity
  • Automated sensor
  • Wide applications


  • None

8. Paloma Commercial Gas Rice Cooker

These jumbo-sized rice cookers can cook up to 55 cups and cook rice faster with more flavor than other electric rice cookers out there in the market.

With simple auto-ignition, just press an ignition lever, and the burners light up automatically. No matches or batteries are required saving you a lot of dollars on electric bills and energy as well.

There is also a built-in safety device that prevents the main burner from staying lit if the pan is removed of misaligned from the base.

You will get perfect rice every time as the ferrite sensor system quickly catches the proper temperature to keep the rice warm and nice.

The easy cleaning cooking unit comes apart easily to allow fast and thorough cleaning, and what else can you be asking for?

This rice cooker has all the features you must be looking for, so get yourself this one now!

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  • Good cooking capacity
  • Better flavor
  • Energy-saving
  • Safety device included
  • Ferrite sensor included


  • Over-priced

9. Tiger Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer

The tiger commercial rice cooker is one of the best rice cookers out there and for any sized restaurant.

It has a capacity to cook 40 cups of cooked rice in one batch, and its stainless steel body makes it even more durable and user-friendly even against the roughest restaurant conditions.

The thick 1.8mm inner pot helps distribute heat evenly, and the silicon mat included with the unit prevents the rice from burning from the bottom, which is a key issue questioned by many customers out there.

So get yourself this rice cooker now as this is going to be your go-to!

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  • Good cooking capacity
  • Wide applications
  • Durable
  • User-friendly


  • Fragile product

10. Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker

This rice cooker has a large capacity to cook rice and is NSF certified with a direct heating system as well.

It cooks up to 50 cups of rice in one batch and can finish cooking in just a matter of 30 mins, serving up to 74 serving at a time.

It also has an automatic warming sensor mode so it can control the warmth inside the cooker up to 2 hours after cooking so you can serve the rice fresh.

SR-42HZP also has a stainless steel lid, which makes it easy to clean and remove the pan liner without a hitch.

So what else can you be asking for? Get yourself the new upgraded Panasonic commercial rice cooker now!

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  • Good cooking capacity
  • NSF certified
  • Automatic sensor
  • Easy to clean


  • Rice gets sticky at the base

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you cook in a rice cooker other than rice?

In a rice cooker, you can cook grits, porridge, oatmeal, and macaroni and cheese as well.

So it serves multi-function and gives you other snacks to cook as well.

What is the electric rice cooker?

An electric rice cooker is a cooking tool that can cook a lot of rice in a matter of minutes by just switching it on and adding the needed rice and water.

Is induction rice cooker better?’

Yes, because it is more responsive to temperature change and can make precise adjustments.

Is a rice cooker the same as a pressure cooker?

Both are almost the same because they both use steam for cooking the food, but in pressure cookers, the heating lid has to be locked in place, and rice cookers don’t need to be locked.

How long does it take to cook rice?

On average, it takes 16-18 minutes to cook rice, but in rice cookers, it can vary according to the quantity of rice.


So here we go! A complete review and guide on the best commercial rice cookers, involving all the information you need about rice cookers, respectively.

All new buyers must be informed now that how to buy the best product in the market and what features should a rice cooker possesses in order to work properly.

Read the article in a detailed manner to understand the key concepts clearly and get you one of the products explained above.

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